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In Zendesk, Live Chat makes it so easy to get in touch with customer service and its one of the best ways to boost customer satisfaction.  However, if you’re using Live Chat, have you thought about using Zendesk Messaging? It costs nothing to upgrade and will take your support desk to the next level.

What’s the big difference?

  1. Live Chat conversations are in real time, and session based, where Messaging is also real time, but it can be picked up on at any time, on any device.
  2. You can incorporate social messaging apps, like Facebook Direct Messages, Instagram Direct Messages, and even WhatsApp. Each channel using messaging can even have their own personalization and experiences for the customer.
  3. Automation. Messaging allows for chat bots, messaging trees, and each channel can have its own.

While Live Chat is great, and still allows for great customer satisfaction, Messaging has stepped it up a notch and can help your customers experience be better than ever.

Need help to make sure your conversion to Messaging is done right? Contact us today and we can help!