When your customers are using your services, they expect them to be available 24/7. However, sometimes things go wrong and your services may experience outages or disruptions. When this happens, it’s important to keep your customers informed of the situation so they can take appropriate action.

The Freshservice status page is a great way to do this. It’s a central location where you can share information about the status of your services, including any outages or disruptions. You can also use the status page to communicate updates about the status of your investigations and repairs.

Benefits of using the Freshservice status page:

Keep your customers informed: The Freshservice status page is a great way to keep your customers informed about the status of your services. When there’s an outage or disruption, you can use the status page to let your customers know what’s happening and when you expect the service to be restored. This can help to reduce customer frustration and anxiety.
Build trust: By being transparent about the status of your services, you can build trust with your customers. They’ll appreciate knowing that you’re keeping them informed and that you’re working to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.
Improve customer satisfaction: When your customers know that you’re committed to uptime and reliability, they’re more likely to be satisfied with your services. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.
Reduce support tickets: By proactively communicating with your customers about service outages and disruptions, you can reduce the number of support tickets you receive. This frees up your support team to focus on other tasks, such as resolving customer issues.

How to set up the Freshservice status page:

Go to Administration > Settings > Status Page.
Click Create Status Page.
Enter a name for your status page and select the services you want to include.
You can also customize the appearance of your status page by adding your logo, changing the colors, and adding custom text.
Once you’re happy with the settings, click Save.

How to use the Freshservice status page:

Once you’ve created your status page, you can use it to share information about the status of your services. To do this, simply go to the status page and click Add Incident. In the incident form, you’ll need to provide information about the incident, such as the affected service, the start time, the estimated resolution time, and the status of the incident. You can also add a message to your customers explaining the situation. Once you’ve submitted the incident, it will be displayed on the status page. Your customers can then view the incident and stay up-to-date on the latest information.

This feature is currently available in beta. To learn about more about this and other useful features in Freshservice, contact us today!

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