Asset Management is somewhat of an art, and comes in many flavors. Dataseti has spent a lot of time learning and mastering this world by implementing and improving expensive asset management products over the years. And, during this time, we’ve grasped the understanding that tracking assets from cradle to grave at an operational, tactical and financial sense is serious business.

We’ve taken those best practice techniques, coupled them with general IAITAM rules, and turned out an amazing cloud platform that lets you handle assets from procurement to proper, safe and ethical disposals, no matter the industry. Introducing Asset Manager by Dataseti. It’s the easiest and most configurable way to track your tangible and intangible assets, configurations and consumables all from one place – at half the cost of other similar asset management products.

Built and hosted by AWS, Asset Manager securely encrypts data in transit and at rest, and is accessible using the REST API. The platform is powerful and scalable and is available from any device, and even better, any other platform on the web. Extend it. Automate it. Become more efficient.

What can Asset Manager by Dataseti do for you? Lower your costs today with a yearly subscription and depending on your asset count, you will receive a generous number of hours each year for our team to help you build and extend Asset Manager to your needs. Want to integrate it with another product like a service desk or HR system? Let’s do it. We can integrate directly or build your organization an app for your system to give your users a seamless experience. In fact, Zendesk customers can already take advantage of our app, ready to go!

Since 2001, Dataseti is a leading consulting firm offering ITxM & CX products and services. Our team is outfitted with the best people, knowledge and experience to help advise and solve problems. It’s what we love doing and we’re ready to hear from you!

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