If you have Zendesk, chances are, you love it. We love it too. It’s omni-channel design, talk, text, email, Help Center and award-winning support is what makes it the best ticketing system out there. Does it lack some out of the box ITSM, ITAM & ITOM functions you expect from a serious service management product that costs five times more? Yes, however if all you need is robust ticketing and customer service, with it’s hard to beat Zendesk.

For a while, our Zendesk customers have been asking more about Asset Management. Asset Management takes some knowledge, experience, and a little wisdom to pull off. From cradle to grave, tracking your tangible and intangible items is critical for your organization, and it’s why we built an Asset Manager product that does it right, and won’t break the bank. Here’s a great blog article to tell you all about it!

THE GOOD STUFF: If you’re a Zendesk customer and need a way to link CMDB items and Assets to tickets, Asset Manager by Dataseti is a great way to get a grip on your assets at an operational and strategic level. Here’s an example of how the app works in Zendesk. If Bob is reporting an incident about his iPhone, the Zendesk agent will look to the right side and see Bob’s assigned assets. From there, the agent clicks a button to link the asset to the ticket. Zendesk stores the asset info in a related child table in Zendesk, creates an internal note of the link or unlink action, who does it and when. It’s easy and powerful, just like Zendesk!

Asset Manager by Dataseti is available today and starts at $100/month for up to 1,000 assets, with no limit to asset count. There’s no limit to how many users can access Asset Manager, and can work with any service management app, like Zendesk. Asset Manager by Dataseti is an independent platform that is secure, scalable, can be customized to store any asset details to do what you need, and connects to ANY software platform you wish. And that’s Asset Manager by Datseti!

At Dataseti, we’re experts at ITxM and CX, and know how important your job is. We can assist you in things like advisory services, ITSM licenses and services like implementations, managed services, upgrades & integrations to name a few. Contact us today and to get started!

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