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The Post Implementation Review (PIR) is done once a Change has been implemented. It determines if the Change was successful, and identifies opportunities for improvement, lessons learned, and any other pertinent information that can help improve your best practices for Change Management going forward (for those of you in the Project Management World, think of this as your project Post-Mortem). The PIR will not only store your Change results, but also be used to measure your Change implementation success.

Worried about how to easily record PIRs? Ivanti Service Manager (ISM) has you covered. Within ISM, there is a module specific to PIR. Each Change record has a form available to the implementers for them to fill out the results of the Change and it is all completely out of the box. You can customize the form so you can tweak what information you want to gather, and I’ve even had customers take it a step further and make it so that the PIR is required to be filled out before you can close out the Change.

Properly using PIRs can help you measure the success of your changes, see the discrepancies between the expected and actual outcome, as well as serve as a repository of all lessons learned to help improve your Change Implementation processes. After all, we always want to improve right?

How is your organization handling Change? Give us a shout! We want to understand your organization’s level of maturity in the Change Management process, and help identify the gaps that keep you from becoming as efficient as possible.