Let’s face it, entering data sucks. As digital natives (almost), we’re all responsible for the data in which we create. Not just that, but ensuring the integrity of effectiveness, portability and durability over the life of that data remains. What’s worse is that many of us still face problematic processes that threaten the singularity aspect of your data. What’s the best way to curb data duplication?

People. We touched on this. It’s takes people to enter the data often, and that human touch is often very important. Be it as it may, human intervention can be a weak link in creating records. Distractions, ‘multi-tasking’ and plain stupidity is the largest cause of data duplication. Slow down, focus and knowing what you do can help. Also, people fail to communicate with each other and so improving communication skills are critical.

Process. The second “P”. This is equally as important. Improve your workflow and the steps it takes to enter and manage your data. Have a clear goal, a path that will help mitigate data duplication. Smart People and efficient Processes together will be two of the most important items until…

Tech. You can have the previous two and succeed in having less data dupes, but pair them with good technology, and you have yourself a picnic! When it’s time to scale your data, people become an extremely rare commodity. I mean, seriously – finding experts these days is difficult. To hedge against that is enforcing great processes married to wonderful tech.

At Dataseti, we have all three for you. We can provide great people, build fortified processes and offer amazing tech to ensure your data is healthy going in, and healthy coming out. Contact us today and we’ll be glad to serve you! We offer a do it again for free guarantee and promise to always stand by you until the work is complete!

–Randall Reed, President & CEO