Looking for a specific application, but can’t find one that truly fits? Dataseti can help with that.

Have you ever been in a situation where your company NEEDS a specific kind of application, but either just can’t find one on the market that fits your needs, or just plain oversaturated what you were looking for in the first place?

For example, let’s say you are looking for a basic CRM, but you aren’t looking for something as robust as Salesforce, and you don’t have a salesforce budget. What do you do at that point? A lot of companies will run off of Microsoft Excel, or Google Sheets, but those have their limits and leave companies wanting more.

What if I told you that Dataseti now has the capability to develop custom applications for you? Built off of your specifications, and fully customizable, these applications will be exactly what you are looking for, without breaking the bank.

What kind of applications are we able to develop? Great question! Here is a list of our capabilities, feel free to submit a contact form on our website, or even message us on our chat widget to ask specific questions!

  • Donation Manager: Application that can manage donation campaigns and run reports across donors and campaigns.
  • Purchase Orders: Application that can manage purchase orders, track totals, and run reports.
  • Customer Payment Portal: Application where customers log in to submit service requests and pay invoices with their credit card.
  • Customer Portal: Application where Customers log in to review and submit service requests.
  • Mobile Workforce: Application where supervisors can assign jobs and tasks to Employees, who can login to view and complete those tasks.
  • Employee Reviews: Application where you can add and manage performance reviews for your employees. This can help track and analyze evaluations over time.
  • Employee Hours: Application where employees can track their hours from any mobile device. This helps supervisors get real-time reports on weekly totals.
  • Custom CRM: Application that can manage customers through a sales pipeline and assign tasks and meetings.
  • Property Management: Application where property managers manage their units and tenants. They Can also view rental applications and reports.
  • Restaurant Manager: Application that helps you always deliver the freshest goods by keeping track of what your kitchen needs everyday.
  • Inventory Manager: Application that helps you keep track of your entire stock, either through one warehouse, or multiple.

The list does not end here! If you don’t see what you need above, let us know and we will set up a time to talk about what you need!

Thanks for reading, looking forward to hearing from you!