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When it comes to performing User Acceptance Testing (UAT) always have a plan beforehand.

We see it all the time, customers start performing UAT with no plan in place, everyone is just running through a scenario in their head, quickly jotting down an issue or enhancement they come across, and then by the time it comes to review them, they don’t remember what scenario they were even testing, what they did, or how they got there.

How do you avoid this?

Create test scripts with step-by-step items along with their intended outcome.

As an example, lets pretend we are testing creating an incident where the customers information will pre-populate under the customer box when the customer is chosen.  Your test scripts should be something like this:

  1. Action: click on “new incident

Outcome: A blank incident form populates

  • Action: Type in the customers name in the customer field

Outcome: The customer’s information pre-populates underneath their name

I like to make this an excel doc, have each case numbered and labeled for the scenario you are testing, and have a header column for action, outcome, pass/fail, notes so that everything is easily organized.

This will not only ensure accurate testing, but provide easily reproducible steps that were taken in the instance there is a bug/error which will allow for quicker remediation.

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