Quickactions come in many flavors. Some send emails others do web calls. One of the most frequently used in the composite quickactions. Composite quickactions are used when you want to easily fill out information within a record in ISM and then do something else like send an email out at the press of a button. They essentially chain together other quickactions in a series. Composite quickactions can make it easy to fill fields on a record such as assigning an Incident to a team. Want more? Add to the quickaction by asking the user the reason they are assigning that ticket to the team with a note that gets added to the record. Even more? Get that quickaction to send a email to the team letting them know that record is being assigned to them. More? Have it fire off a workflow, or add a CI record, change a service. The possibilities are endless! Composite quickactions make it effortless to quickly get work done within ISM. Making your Service Desk even more efficient!

This is just one tip I have learned along the way working with ISM. Reach out to Dataseti to learn more tips and tricks!

-Chris Revelia, Consultant

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