The key to avoiding getting lost along the way is to have a well planned route and roadmap. Here are 4 pit stops you shouldn’t miss while on your process journey:

1. Stakeholders: Make sure you involve all your stakeholders that will be involved. This means getting their buy in to create the process, and input throughout the entire process. Trust me on this one, it will make the entire process go a lot smoother.

2. Your Current Location: Everyone always pays attention to the destination, not the current location. Now that you have everyone’s buy-in and participation, document where you are now – What is the current process/what is currently being done? No matter how little, or how much, how simple or how complex, document it.

3. K.I.S.S: I’m sure you all know what that phrase means but for those of you who don’t – Keep It Simple Stupid. You will never nail it all down at first, don’t even try. Instead, focus on keeping it as simple as possible (and scalable) so that you can build on it later on. It will also make it easier for users to adapt to.

4. Flow: This pertains to two different things: a)make sure the process flows and makes sense. You wouldn’t want step 1 to be documented to start after step 3 or a task being held up by another task when they could most likely be done in parallel. b) make sure it works with the overall business flow.

The road trip may not always be fun, but it will be worth it in the end. These pit stops will help you get to your destination without getting lost. Do it with Dataseti, and we guarantee to keep you headed in the right direction!

-Krystina Hodge, Consultant | Project Manager

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