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Is your team getting multiple incidents that are all related to the same thing? Ivanti Service Manager has a built-in feature to help you manage this.

What is a Master Incident?
A master incident is an incident that contains information common to one or more incidents.

What does it do?
The Master Incident feature allows you to declare an incident as a Master Incident that you can then link multiple incidents to. When you update certain fields in a master incident, the data automatically updates in all the linked incidents. When you’re ready to resolve, all the resolution details and status of Resolved get passed down to all the linked incidents. It does that all out of the box, there’s always room for customization to optimize it best for your business needs. Master Incident is defined in Incident Management, and is a bit different than a problem in Problem Management

As you can see,  Incidents are extremely useful in helping to resolve outstanding incidents as quickly as possible, while minimizing the impact on the business, so… if you aren’t already using this feature, what are you waiting for? Give a call and we can help you improve your process!