Imagine yourself in the seat of a race car about to race for the cup. After hopping in, you have your helmet, fire protective jumpsuit, boots, gloves and the little water hose clipped to your lapel for those quick sips of water. You don’t want to speed down the racetrack without any of those items for safety sake, but you definitely should stay hydrated. You have it all, believe you’re the best driver and you’re here to prove it. Green lights and you take off!

Driving fast, a few cars are in front, with the number 4 car directly ahead, 22 & 9 next to you, several behind you, along with the rest. The engine is right behind your head, and you feel it rocketing you along the track, with only a second to react to whatever comes your way. Your car is new, not too tight or loose, fuel is just right, and you’re rolling on a brand new set Goodyear’s.

But as you drive, you can’t seem to get ahead. Your helmet visor took on some oil from the guy ahead of you and it’s hard to see, your gloves are slipping a little bit and you’re missing some basic turns. Your pit crew is taking too long, your manager is putting too much pressure on you. What else can go wrong? Finally, you cross the finish line in 12th place, with the feel of despair and defeat. Why? It’s you most importantly, how you drive and your car.

In IT Service Management, we can find similar stories like having a 60% customer satisfaction, or even worse, an 80% employee satisfaction. You want to be on top, whether you’re recognized as the best help desk tech or the CIO. You will not win, however if you don’t have a grip on things! Getting a grip requires good people, great technology and solid processes and you must have all three to be in control.

How can you get a grip in IT Service Management? First, it starts with a clean heart that wants to serve others. If you don’t know how or believe it’s not important, then you’re not in the right business. It’s true! People with a heart to serve is required. Second, processes. Take a baseline and assess what you have, find the gaps and form a plan to address those issues. Dataseti has a process consultant who does nothing but that. A veteran in the industry with many published books, our guy will help you become a better IT service provider. Finally, the third thing you need to get a grip, is having good tools. In our case, best of breed IT Service Management software to give you a platform in which to work and improve.

Don’t know where to begin? Contact Us and we can help with that simple no cost guide, or even help you get on Dataseti’s Managed Services. Either way and until next time, here to a bright future!

Randall Reed, President & CEO, Dataseti.