Enterprise Service Management Self Service Portal

Many of our enterprise customers are asking, “What’s one of the coolest features of ISM 2020.4?” We’ve been telling them about Ivanti Service Manager 2020.4 Enterprise Self Service Welcome Page. Check it out!

The Enterprise Self Service Welcome page is a hub for all Ivanti Service Manager Self Service needs. It’s the Self Service Mobile landing page from which you can navigate to different Self Service Mobile portals based on the category you need to access. You can customize the content in a way that Self Service Mobile users who want to view and access content specific to IT Services, Human Resources, Facilities Services, or Security Operations, can choose and view content specific the selected category.

For example, if the end user chooses the Human Resources category in the Enterprise Self Service Welcome page, the user will be redirected to the Self Service Mobile portal where the content (Announcements, Alerts, Knowledge Articles, and Service Catalogs) specific to HR will be displayed. This way the Self Service Mobile content is organized and spares the end users from content they might not be interested in.

There are multiple steps required to enable the new welcome page. Don’t got time or need a little direction? Let us know!
– Enable the Global Constant
– Enable the Enterprise Self Service Welcome Page for Parent Role
– Create Self Service Extended Roles
– Link Users to the Self Service Extended Roles
– Configure Content for the Self Service Extended Roles
– Designing the Self Service Mobile Portal
– Designing the Enterprise Self Service Welcome Page

Example of the Enterprise Self Service Welcome Page

If you would like assistance configuring the new Enterprise Self Service Welcome Page or anything else ISM or ITAM related, reach out to us at dataseti.com.

Mark Moody – ITIL/ITAM Certified, Dataseti Consultant