Unless you’re in the deep south, you may never have heard of @Jesse Cole. He’s the owner of a baseball team, the Savannah Bananas, in the Coastal Plain League. I’m from New York originally (Let’s Go, Mets!), so a co-worker had to introduce me to the Bananas experience.

Regard to what happens on the diamond, this team is amazing. It’s all about family entertainment. From the moment you purchase a ticket, through to the game day experience, it’s all about YOU, the fan.

Take a few moments and listen to him describe the way that they “Love Their Customers More Than Their Product.”

I tell you, if I didn’t live 1000 miles away, I’d buy tickets and be in the park.

Now, ask yourself this question: of all of the vendors and consultants you work with, how many of them put you before the product? Are they more interested in selling you a new widget, or in keeping in touch with you frequently? Do they call or, even, stop by, to make sure that things are going OK with everything? And if you were having an issue, would they be brave enough to suggest a solution, even if they were unable to provide it?

In the consulting business, all you have are your customers. The more they like you and the way you treat them, the more they will talk about you to their friends and business acquaintances. It is this positive chatter, this great word of mouth, that gets you new introductions It doesn’t really matter what you sell, you see. If your customers don’t feel like they’re the center of your universe, you could figuratively be handing out hundred dollar bills, yet nobody will come. Your reputation sits on your customers’ shoulders. Shouldn’t you be loving them most of all?

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