Last weekend, my wife and I did a Date Night at home. Simply put, we made some popcorn and watched a movie that wasn’t filled with superheroes and cartoon level violence. Somehow, we ended up watching Dirty Dancing again. By now, is there anybody alive who hasn’t seen that classic from the late 80’s? Warning: spoilers ahead, so go see the movie if you’ve skipped it!

The movie, in summary, is all about one young woman (played by the real life Mrs. Phil Coulson) learning to trust herself as she grows into the world around her. There are many ways in which she’s tested, but the real one that receives all the attention is the way she falls in love with the dance instructor (the guy who played the Inspirational Speaker/Nut Job in Donnie Darko). The plot twists and turns in such a way that she finds out she’s volunteering to help out by partnering with Johnny (weren’t all the hot guys named that?) to perform at the neighboring resort. Of course, she’s hiding a dark secret from everybody – she’s quietly sporting a pair of left feet. But she busts her butt and manages to learn the dance routine from scratch, and succeeds at this first test.

Well, truth be told, it’s more like “sorta succeeds” because she fails to perform the final move. Yeah, it’s that dramatic jump-n-lift that everybody has seen a million times by now. The one that we saw them practicing hundreds of times in preparation for the big show. It was a case of her being nervous about his ability to support her.

We all know how this film ends, right? She gets to the point where she completely has absolute trust and faith in her partner. Faith that he could support her and not go all wobbly out from underneath the weight. In the final scene, in front of her parents, her sister and everybody else at the summer resort, she and the (by now) banished dance instructor perform their dance routine at the season-closing show. And, lo and behold, she goes for that jump and there he is, to hold her high in the air. It’s a perfect Hollywood ending – cue the tears, the end credits and the royalty residuals.

So, in this real world of ours, we’re all playing the role of the nervous novice in the dance routine. And we’re all looking to our partner to bring in the dramatic closing. So, who’s your partner in the Ivanti ecosystem? Do you even have a partner? Why not? A partner is just that – somebody that you trust beyond the shadow of a doubt, somebody you can rely on 24/7 to keep your well being first thing in mind. Your partner is there to teach you the hot new moves and be there at the big show to help make that big jump-n-lift that makes those around you gape in amazement. Partners are strong and trustworthy – able to support you when you’re giving it your all, right at the cutting edge of your capabilities. Without a partner, it’s like you’re always stuck doing the Hokey Pokey – there’s no fancy moves you can do alone.

If you find yourself needing a solid and reliable partner, talk to us here at Dataseti. We work exclusively to help organizations master the steps in the dance called Ivanti Service Management. And we know our stuff – it’s not bragging if you can really do what you say. Ask us – we can help you make ISM dance like Fonzie (and you remember that scene, right?).

-Jeffrey Bromberger, Consultant – CISA, CRISC

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