There are many tools out there that work to make your IT department successful. From ticketing systems, endpoint managers, patch management and a whole host of others. For the most part these are central to the IT side of the business. As the business world grows and evolves it’s worth looking into including other departments into the mix. Such as your HR department, facilities, or really any other department. Using tools such as Ivanti Service Manager can take your business to the next level.

Let’s say you’re currently using Ivanti Service Manager to handle your tickets, in addition to password management, and endpoint management. Really, the only group actually utilizing the tool is your service desk. You can expand that circle to maybe your facilities team. Your users are already trained to use the self service portal to make requests for when their computer goes up in a ball of fire or when they need access to software. Why not expand that to their work area? Maybe by giving them a form to fill out when a light goes out, or when they need their chair replaced, or maybe when the vending machine is broken. Why only track IT, when you can track your facilities issues and requests?

Another example could be the HR department. An employee may need their address changed, access to employee hand books, request PTO time, or a manager may need to onboard new employees. You can open up your Ivanti Service Manager to be the one stop shop in all things company related. You can add workflows to requests to make sure they are approved by the right people and, the right tasks are created and assigned to the right teams. It also gives your end users real time updates as to the status of their request.

There is no limit to what ISM can do for you and your company! There is no need to use multiple platforms, with multiple passwords, multiple servers, and multiple maintenance plans when you can easily integrate your other departments into the system and really start streamlining the processes within your organization.

-Chris Revelia, Consultant

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