a man typing on laptop beside stacks of books

Knowledge article writing can be hard, so here are 10 quick tips to help alleviate the stress of writing a knowledge article.

  • Organize your knowledge base logically and end user friendly
  • Understand your user’s pain-points
  • Validate your articles data with input from subject matter experts
  • Write engaging and short (but to the point) intros
  • Write for the average user – remember you’re not always writing articles for a technical people
  • Make sure any steps on how to articles are easy to follow
  • Use headers to break up content
  • Add images
  • Add videos
  • Provide links to related articles

Want happy readers? Incorporate these ten things, and over time you may notice less contacts to your help desk. Better knowledge means faster resolutions. Who doesn’t like that? Need help understanding what Knowledge Management is? Give us a call. Our experts are ‘knowledgable’ about these sorts of things!