Covid-19 has done quite a number on just about every organization out there in some way, shape or form. With most employees working virtually, they need to be able to help themselves easily. Because let’s face it, you’re not going to send everyone home with an IT Help Desk tech!

In order to have your work from home staff be able to help themselves, you need your Self-Service portal, and an open mind. Why an open mind? Well, this portal is there to serve your customers, and now that they are work from home, their needs are going to change from what they were while in the office. You’re going to have to be ready to make some changes.

Here are 3 quick ways to get your Self-Service Portal updated to the new norm and get everyone excited.

  1. Do a “Health Check” of your current portal. What offerings do you have now? Get some feedback from frequent users. Look at the types of calls and requests you are getting now vs. what you were getting pre-Covid. That should give you an idea of what new offerings you need to incorporate into your Service Catalog.

2. Review your Knowledge Base, make sure the relevant knowledge articles are out there. Identify and fix any significant gaps and use issues. They may have needed an article on how to map to a printer while in office, but now that they are home that may not be as important as perhaps, troubleshooting Teams, or logging in through VPN.

3. Get people excited about it. Use your marketing resources to create and run a formal marketing campaign that explains the why, the how, and the “What’s in it for me?” of self-service. Provide light training and/or job aids. Highlight all the new things you have added.

The main users of your Self-Service Portal are your customers, so you have to make it fit their needs. We’re all adapting to a new norm. IT is being turned upside down, but nailing Self-Service in these times is more important than ever, and it benefits everyone.

If you’d like for Dataseti to take a free look at your self service portal, let us know! We’ll spend an hour with you, shoot some advice your way without any expectations. No catch. Let’s just get it done!