The purpose of project closeout is more than just making sure all deliverables are completed. It also ensures the any lessons learned and best practices for the future are compiled and documented, and confirming all customer and stakeholder requirements are met. Just because the tasks are completed, does not always mean the requirements have been met.

There are eight activities that should always be on your closeout checklist:

  1. Perform project closeout
  2. Perform client closeout
  3. Perform organizational closeout
  4. Conduct subcontractor closeout
  5. Perform final risk assessment
  6. Write project final report or briefing
  7. Conduct team closeout

Making sure you do all of these activities (when applicable) will not only help finalize the current project so you can move on, but also help you have a successful next project thanks to documenting the lessons learned. Here at Dataseti, we help guide your project to success with only the best. Contact us today!