Now that we’re all used to working from home (even though some of us HAVE TO go in to an empty office) we may be noticing some idle times.  If not, and if your hair is still afire with trying to get end users settled into the comforts of their own home then we can still help you with ensuring those workstations, laptops and endpoint devices are patched and secure
Moving on, be sure to avoid that ‘I can slack now that my job is done’ feeling.  Your job is never done.  In fact now is the best time to take a closer look at how you’re handling customer service, IT Support, HR inquires and more.  Give us a call and we can start by examining your changing landscape and needs.  Is your ITSM solution meeting those needs?  Do you have room to make updates and implement new processes to handle the fresh batch of problems and requests being made?

At Dataseti, we’re experts at understanding how to handle that changing landscape in IT, HR and even Facilities, to ensure your success.  So call us today, or contact us and let’s take the first step with a ‘hello’.

-Randall Reed, President & CEO