Under normal circumstances, excluding mobile devices, IT assets don’t move around very much. Most of these changes occur when IT users move to another office or another business location or a new employee comes on board. Regardless of how you manage and track those assets, the changes are manageable.

But today’s environment has significantly increased the number of changes as employees moved to home offices and businesses made changes to deal with operating under government mandated safety guidelines in their operations. Do you know that an asset moved from home to mom and dad’s house. Why not?

All of these changes put a huge requirement on IT to keep track of all the asset locations and other devise changes. And when our life returns to normal, which it eventually will, we will have to manage a lot of these assets being moved again.

Dataseti has helped many of our customers improve their asset management processes and automate many of these processes to improve asset accuracy. The results of the changes we have helped our customers make led to much better asset inventory data with considerably less time spent by IT staff. How did we do it?

  • Implementing Discovery to consistently monitor network assets
  • Using Discovery data to highlight changes and automatically update asset data bases
  • Populating and maintaining the service management CMDB so that ticket processing in the service management system was using up to date asset data
  • Create better reporting to monitor changes, manage asset lifecycles and provide more accurate current status to manage assets

If you would like to see how much you could improve your asset management processes, improve the accuracy of asset information and identify areas where you could introduce automation, we would welcome an opportunity to have a discussion with you. Contact Us and we will schedule a call with one of our consultants.

-Dan Davis, Manager, Operations & Customer Service

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