We have had flu ‘seasons’ for years but that virus has been under control with annual vaccinations. The one this year was different and caught us all unprepared. This time we couldn’t just go to the doctor or our local pharmacy and get a ‘flu shot’ and continue life normally.

The biggest adjustment in most people’s work was they now had to do it from home instead of their usual workplace. And overnight, the world became a remote workforce in many respects. Our IT service organizations had to respond to support those remote work environments in many ways.

Many if not all of our customers have had to adjust quickly and we’re thankful we are able to help them through. We surely love doing it, and will continue to respond in any way we can until our work environments return to normal.

Please be safe and know that we are here to assist you in any way we can.

-Dan Davis, Manager, Operations & Customer Service

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