The corona virus and pandemic is causing companies and IT departments
to scramble to enable and support workers being at home. Now that companies have the processes and
tools in place and employees are learning how to cope with this new working
environment, will it last? Are there
actually benefits to working at home versus going into an office?

For the company’s bottom line, the CBRE estimates that a
typical US company spends $12,000 per employee per year for office space. And other studies have shown that employees
in an office are not any more focused than home employees, in fact they have
more distractions. There are multiple
studies that show that remote workers are more productive, satisfied and focused
than office workers. Remote workers gain
back commute times, do not go through rush hour traffic stress or deal with the
petty office politics as much.

It will be interesting to see how companies reevaluate the need for employees to be in an office as we come out this pandemic. When companies are running out of office space for new employees will they instead consider allowing more employees to work from home? When leases on space are expiring will they consider moving to a remote workforce? How would more remote workers effect other areas of the economy? Restaurants, office space and gas stations that support an office centric way of working could all be affected.

Where are you in all of this? Better to be in front, not behind.

-Mark Moody, Consultant

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