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You asked and they delivered. Ivanti has released the ability to create multiple Self Service Portals using the current Self Service Mobile design. What does this mean? For a long time, customers with the need for various Self Service Portals for different customer groups had to use the legacy Self Service User Role and create clones of the Role and assign their customers to the newly created Role. Unfortunately this meant that their customers had to use the outdated view of the Self Service Portal.

But not anymore! Within Ivanti Service Manager you now have the ability to create Self Service Portals for specific customer easily, all while using the modern Self Service Mobile layout. And now, each portal can be customized to the specific requirements from each group of customers, from Service Catalog Items, Dashboard Parts, Branding, and navigation to name a few. A few examples would be creating separate portals for Human Resources, Facilities and even Security. If your business has multiple locations, you could create location specific portals for those customers. Perhaps you’re in the school system, such as a college with multiple campuses. Now, you can easily add a specific portal for each campus if the business need arrises. Additionally, if you want customers to have access to multiple portals you can created a landing page and give the customer the ability to choose which portal they wish to access. How cool is that?

Setup is very straight forward. All you need to do is enable a Global Constant, clone the Self Service Mobile Role into the name of the portals you which to create, and assign the correct users to their new portal. That part can easily be done via LDAP import.

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