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2022.3 is a version behind at this point, however there are a few of the features that flew under the radar with this release. As always, read the release notes prior to any upgrades and as a way to stay informed on all the latest Ivanti Service Manager features. You can find the release notes of each version here.

1. Updates to Surveys- Surveys functionality is now also available for Change Ticket Type with all the functionality as of Incident and Service Requests.
2. Large Development Package Import (Beta) – When importing Development Packages larger than 30MB, time out errors were received. Initially released with 2022.1, there is the addition of an optimized package import engine to support large packages.
3. REST Web Service Action- A new Web Service call for REST WADLs and endpoints which will allow users to enhance their ability to connect
to more modern service endpoints. This action supports different methods ex. GET, POST, PUT, UPDATE, DELETE etc. Response of the REST API can be stored directly to Database or now as a variable as well

These are just a few of the features that Ivanti has released on the 2022.2 update. Reach out to your Dataseti consultant with any questions.