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2022.4 is the latest version behind at this point, however there are a few of the features that flew under the radar with this release. As always, read the release notes prior to any upgrades and as a way to stay informed on all the latest Ivanti Service Manager features. You can find the release notes of each version here.

1. Graphic Action Designer BETA- The Graphical Action Designer in 2022.4 now includes all Actions available in the Classic UI as well as
enhancements and additions to the User Interface that enhances usability. For this release, we would like to have as much customer feedback as possible. This feature is in Beta and requires customers to raise a support ticket to have the feature activated in your Staging or UAT environment.
-Collapse the right hand menu when dragging and moving the positioning of the actions on the main page.
-Provide unique label names for each block in your Action to provide a good description for each action.
-Quality of Life improvements based on customer feedback.
2. Simplified Express Editor BETA- The simplified Expression Editor is available within the Graphical Action Designer and can be activated using a Global Constant called EnableSimplifiedExpressionEditor and setting the value to true.
This feature is an introduction to providing an assisted experience while creating expressions. For this release, we have added in functionality that will present the user with their expression including all mandatory parameters when the expression is added to the UI, either by double click, drag or by manually typing and selecting the expression from the intellisense context dropdown

As a note to access the Beta features within your staging environment, you will need to activate these features using the
required method. There are currently two methods within the application to activate a Beta feature;
1. Global Constant: Change the required Global Constant value to True will activate the feature. It is worth refreshing the application once this change has been saved to ensure it is active and visible in the UI.
2. Configuration Change: This will require a service request to be raised for your staging environment to activate the feature.
a. Create a service request to add the feature to your staging environment
b. Provide the name of the feature to be activated in the support request for your staging environment

Note, these Beta features are only available within the Staging and UAT environments.

These are just a few of the features that Ivanti has released on the 2022.4 update. Reach out to your Dataseti consultant with any questions.