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2022.2 is a version behind at this point, however there are a few of the features that flew under the radar with this release. As always, read the release notes prior to any upgrades and as a way to stay informed on all the latest Ivanti Service Manager features. You can find the release notes of each version here.

1. Ability to restrict attachment size limitation – With 2022.2 release, a new Global Constant is available that will enable the Administrator to set a maximum file attachment size (in MB), at a global level. This setting will override any field-or control-level settings to ensure adherence to defined limits.
2. Attachment viewer for ITSM – Added the option for users to view attachments as opposed to having to download the attachment first. File types supported include PDF, txt, and standard image documents. File types not supported by the browser (e.g. .zip files) will be automatically downloaded for viewing using the associated application.
3. Chat with Support button only visible on the Self-Service homepage- Customer feedback indicated that having the “Chat with Support” button appear on all self-service pages covered key areas of the solution resulting in a negative customer experience. With 2022.2, the button will only be visible on the Self-Service Home Page.
4. Stored Expressions – Stored Expressions, a headline feature of the CSM and ISM convergence, is being introduced in the 2022.2
release. Stored Expressions allow a user to create and save functions centrally within the system and use them from within the expression toolbox.
Administrators can access the Stored Expressions workspace from the configuration console.. The workspace allows users to create and edit expressions for use throughout the system and to delete stored expressions. Users can access existing stored expressions for use from the Expressions Toolbox. Users can filter for expressions associated with the BO in use or for unassociated expressions from within the toolbox.

These are just a few of the features that Ivanti has released on the 2022.2 update. Reach out to your Dataseti consultant with any questions.