Freshworks CX platform, Freshedesk can transform your business by making happier customers. Here are five great ways on how it can improve your CX strategy.

  1. Customer satisfaction (CSAT) score: CX can improve your CSAT score, which is a measure of how satisfied your customers are with your products or services.
  2. Net promoter score (NPS): CX can also help improve your NPS, which measures the likelihood of customers to recommend your business to others.
  3. Customer retention rate: Good CX can lead to increased customer loyalty, which can be measured by your customer retention rate.
  4. Customer lifetime value (CLV): CX can also increase the CLV of your customers, which is a measure of how much revenue you can expect to earn from a customer over the course of their relationship with your business.
  5. Repeat purchase rate: Improved CX can lead to more repeat purchases from existing customers, which can be measured by your repeat purchase rate.

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