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Service Management isn’t just for IT anymore.

What is the difference between ITSM and ESM?

ITSM focuses on the technical aspects of IT operations while ESM focuses on the business-oriented use cases. ESM can address non-technical needs that ITSM might not cover. This allows everyone to have a single source of truth for business systems and operations.

Knowing about ESM, I have a feeling that IT Service Management (ITSM) will soon be retired and replaced with Enterprise Service Management (ESM). As more and more organizations are slowly trying to make all the different business systems talk, the more and more it’s becoming apparent that having one source of truth for everything is a much better choice.

Most ITSM platforms are turning into full ESM platforms. Ivanti has added in HR and facilities modules, and both Zendesk and Freshworks make it extremely easy to bring in other lines of business, and I’m sure many more will soon follow.  

ESM tools can benefit your organization in so many ways; from having a single source of truth, to cutting costs on having multiple tools/platforms. Dataseti offers consulting services and professional services to help you get to an ESM level. Reach out to us today!