New releases are always exciting because of the new features and/or enhancements that come with it

Here is what you can expect in both ISM and ITAM from this newest release:


OAuth Support for Exchange Web Services- OAuth Authentication support is provided as a replacement to Basic Authentication when connecting ISM to Exchange Web Services/Office 365

Single Sign-On Support for the ISM Mobile App- You will now be able to leverage SSO when accessing the ISM App through iOS or


Enhanced Content for Human Resources– The human resources capabilities have been enhanced to leverage ISM for non-IT tasks and workflows. This includes updates forms and field descriptions, and 16 new out of the box request offerings.

Updated Mobile Analyst Role capabilities- You can now create incidents and tasks using the Mobile Analyst Role. *Please note that you must apply a content package via the Ivanti Marketplace to enable this functionality.


Improved Ivanti Cloud Integration for Asset Manager Cloud-

Asset Administrators can use two workspaces to set up the process for importing data records from Ivanti Cloud into the Asset Manager database. You can now import licensable software, invoices, and devices. *Please note, this requires you to apply the content package – drop#19 or later to enable. You can find this in the Ivanti Marketplace

Have fun exploring all the new features in the new release!

-Krystina Hodge, Consultant & Project Manager

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