Here we go. An unprecedented time we are in, like a band-aid ripped off, you’re required to do something you’ve never done. Operate from home. If your organization already works from home, no need to read further. Just kidding, this is for you, too!

Imagine how vulnerable your end users are now, since they’ve been forced to work from home. Think about the overwhelming data, emails, cabin fever, all compounded with unimaginable ways they are trying to get work done. They’re new to the remote world, they’re frustrated and disoriented. Not a great place to be.

When these users run in to problems with opening emails, transferring files, etc. – imagine how frustrated they could become, but also innovative. Like an inmate thinking of ways to break free, your end users are doing the same. And unfortunately, they end up making decisions that jeopardize your network. Are thier workstations safe?

With Ivanti Endpoint Manager, and Ivanti Patch, you can sleep at night. Almost like a quote from an Ivanti Rep, Beau Wells, “When you go to sleep at night, are all 5 of your doors locked? Then why wouldn’t you know if all 5000 doors are locked on your network?” So… Are they, and if so, is it 5000 doors, or 5031 doors?

Let us know if we can help. We have experts at Dataseti to help you sleep better. Because, trust me, the bad guys are hard at work, when you’re asleep.

-Randall Reed, President & CEO

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