One the of great things about ISM is the ability to curtain the security of your service catalog using either an organizational unit or location from the employee object ensuring the right people are offered the right services. Typically there is no reason an HR staff member needs to open a request for a new server to be built. Likewise there is no reason for an IT staff member to open a termination request.

ISM has built in organization units and a location field in the employee object that can be filled during an LDAP import, and once you have the import setup you can then go into the individual request offerings and set their security. You can either do it by Org Unit, Location, or both. An example would be when an HR Rep logs into ISM they see all HR related Request Offerings but only for their specific location.

Ivanti takes security and the user experience seriously. This is just one way you can scale down your service catelog and cause less confusion on the part of the end user. Thus making it even more easily adopted by the organization when it comes time to expand ISM into other departments.

-Chris Revelia, Consultant

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