ISM is a platform that allows you to do so much! Emails are the main way you are able to communicate with your customers and internal teams. One of the things I typically like to do as a consultant is convert emails from business rules or notification blocks in workflows into quickactions. The reason for this is so that I can easily call that quickaction into a business rule or workflow on the fly without having to recreate it over and over. Many of my customers tend to segregate their system to different users, like IT and HR. For Instance both teams want an email to go out when an Incident is created. I like to create two quickactions in the incident business object. They are clones except one is for HR the other for IT. Then I create a workflow based off of what role the current user is in. If the user is in the HR role then the workflow will fire off the HR email. Also, by using a quickaction instead it puts all the emails in one easy place for the ISM admin to go in and make modifications. Maybe IT doesn’t want to show the priority, but HR does. Because they are in one place that admin can easily go into the system and just update one quickaction instead of having to bother with hunting down a rule or workflow and modifying it and potential breaking it.

This is just one tip I have learned along the way working with ISM. Reach out to Dataseti to learn more tips and tricks!

-Chris Revelia, Consultant

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