If your service desk is constantly getting tickets for similar issues, use templates! Imagine… If each analyst spends 2 minutes building out common tickets, 1,000 times a year, and you have 100 analyst… You’re wasting over 3,000 hours a year! One way to quickly get those tickets created is by using some of the templates that come with ISM. A template essentially “lays down” information on top of records that are being created. For instance, If you receive many calls for printer issues you may want to create a Printer Template. In this case it would automatically fill out the correct Service, Category, Team, and Impact and Urgency. You could also have it fill out a brief Summary and Description. This way you can quickly get the customer off the phone and make sure the proper team has all the information they need to help out that customer efficiently. Templates are most commonly used in Incidents and Change records, or any other workspaces, and are just one of the many ways ISM brings value and efficiency to your organization by recapturing lost data entry time.

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-Chris Revelia, Consultant

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