Let me start off this first (for me) blog post of the year with a mighty big thanks to all my friends and colleagues who wished me well on my recent move to Texas. After 50+ years in one state, it was a real shocker to pack it all up and relocate. Things are still not completely settled, but it is getting more “normal” every day. One of the first parts of recovering from a move is the unpacking of the boxes. And I am told that it’s always the same. You may have been the only person putting stuff into the boxes, but how did this get in there, and where do I put it now? One of those items, for me, is my toy drinking bird.

If you were a science minded kid, you probably had one of these back in the 1970’s. It’s driven by temperature differences between the top and bottom, with evaporation doing the cooling for you. Without getting all Science Guy here, the glass bird will continue on drinking until there is no water left to drink, at which case the evaporation stops and no more cooling to drive the cycle. But until the reservoir of water is gone, it’ll go on (seemingly) forever. Mesmerizing? Yes. Useful work being accomplished? I wouldn’t bet the family farm on it.

Sometimes, our daytime jobs are like that dunking bird. We go around and around, repeating the same thing, over and over again, doing nothing very useful. As long as there’s something to wet your beak (Coffee? Paycheck?), you’ll keep on bobbing back and forth. And maybe, in the quiet of your own thoughts, you’ll recognize that for a whole day of work, nothing real got done. Your company is counting on you to keep the creative ideas coming – the ideas that streamline process and drive the business forward – and you just seem to be going back to the same tired ol’ watering hole time and time again. Friend, there is a solution to the stagnation when it comes to managing your IT Service Management platform.

What you’re missing is an external pair of eyes complete with a fresh, new perspective. You need a third party to review what you have, where you are, and point out where the rest of the world is going. Dataseti is great at this, as we have a Continuous Improvement Program methodology to share. We work with you on a monthly basis, looking at your pain points, showing you new routes to success, implementing changes that were previously seen as too complex. Reports, integrations, request offerings – they’re all fair game. And, to help seal the deal, we even offer a free one hour consultation to new customers. That’s an offer that nobody could walk away from. Come talk to Dataseti and let us be that new and refreshing drink in your dunking bird existence!

-Jeffrey Bromberger, Consultant – CISA, CRISC

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