A Configuration Item is anything in Ivanti Service Manager (ISM) you want to attach to a record such as Services, Computers, People, Conference Rooms. ISM gives you the ability to capture information about these CI’s and easily categorize them and their components. Such categorization is often called a CMDB (Configuration Management Database, or CI Tree). These CI’s can then get attached to records such as Incidents (or anything, really) so that they can be tracked. But before getting into the indexing part we need a source. ISM offers a few different ways to import your CI’s.

1. Endpoint Management Solution by Ivanti
2. SCCM or third party (pretty much any third party)
3. Manual File Upload

Next step, AUTOMATE! Once you have a source you can then start populating you CI’s tables with information. With this information, your service desk can gain moire insight into the customer they are working with by being able to attach their CI to an Incident, Problem, or Change record. This gives you complete visibility to any upstream or downstream computers that may be affected by a malfunctioning CI object. For instance, if a switch is acting up you would be able to see the devices that are attached to it and measure the potential impact of taking the switch off line. You can even mass notify end users before they even know there’s a problem!

When implemented properly, the CI Table can add huge value to your service desk and get your customers needs taken care of quickly while providing much needed visibility for your executive team. Call Dataseti today or schedule a free appointment with a consultant to help you with some ideas!

-Chris Revelia, Consultant

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