Ivanti announces the release of Ivanti Real Time in the cloud at Interchange Madrid, a one of a kind, real-time pulse of your devices!

Why does this matter? Being proactive requires having the right data when you
need to act, and Ivanti Cloud provides that up-to-the moment look at your environment. See what’s happening
right now in an office or on a particular device. You can
even ask questions in natural language to refine your
search. Zero-in on vulnerabilities like disabled Windows
firewalls or encryption that isn’t turned on and take care of
them with the click of a button. Or, figure out which user
machines have failing batteries and replace those before
your warranty is up. You can type something as simple as “What machines don’t have their firewall enabled?”.

Ivanti Real Time in the cloud tackles one of the
hardest challenges any enterprise has—how to bring
together data from multiple sources, then normalize,
reconcile, and leverage it throughout the IT organization. Smart Advisors provide intelligent recommendations that are provided through
best practices and/or machine learning and AI. In most cases you can perform actions right from the Smart Advisor view.

Call us today and we’ll show you what it’s all about!

-Mark Moody, Consultant

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