Hands free software distribution. It can be a reality with the right tools. By combining the Service Catalog of Ivanti Service Manager with Ivanti Automation and Ivanti Endpoint Manager this is made possible.

Endpoint Manager is used to create the software distribution package and the scheduled task. The packages do not need to be software packages, they can also be a mapping to a printer or a network share, batch files, executables, PowerShell scripts or any number of actions. Bundles can also be used for more complex packages where reboots or multiple steps are needed to accomplish a task.

Service Manager is then configured to import the list of packages and scheduled tasks from Endpoint Manager. These are then linked to the request offerings and each service request for software can be configured with the correct package for automated delivery. The Automation Integration is configured in Service Manager and each request offering is configured to call the correct run book within Automation.

In Ivanti Automation run books are created to call Endpoint Manager to schedule the distribution packages. The parameters passed from Service Manager are used in the run books as parameters that get passed to Endpoint Manager.

Within each request offering in Service Manager there can still be approvals in the workflow that must be completed before the software distribution can occur. This can be further enhanced with the integration of Asset Manager to check for available software licenses.

With Unified IT processes can be streamlined to remove manual tasks. Hands free software distribution is just one example of what Ivanti and Unified IT can do for you!

-Mark Moody, Consultant

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