One of the biggest uses of an agent’s time is answering the phone. Imagine how much more time your help desk agents would have to focus on incident management, training, and other necessary areas of the help desk if they didn’t answer phones all day?

Below are 3 ways to help
reduce phone calls to your help desk:

Use an IVR: This will give caller s self-service option via the phone.
Granted, they are still calling but they aren’t talking to someone on the help
desk. You can program the IVR with
messages to alert users that there is a known issue, program it with
instructions on how to fix common issues, and it can even open incidents or
service requests on behalf of the user.

Provide a Self-Service Portal: I’m sure you have heard me talk
about this before, but most people don’t want to sit on hold and talk to a
person. Everything is online or an app. You don’t even have to go to the bank
anymore to deposit a check, you can do it right through your phone. With a
self-service portal your customers can open their own incidents and service
request from their computers or phones with ever having to talk to someone.

Provide a Knowledge Base: Customers these days love the idea of
reading an article or watching a video to get the job done themselves. Think
about it, how many times a week do you find yourself googling how to do something
instead of calling a professional? Having a knowledge base that is informative,
easy to use and search, and has valuable articles will be your IT departments own
personal google.

The theme here is DIY – let the customer’s do it themselves.
If they have an easy and accessible way to resolve or log their own issues,
they will be calling the Help Desk less and less.

Ivanti provides the perfect solution for implementing all 3 of the call reducing tactics mentioned above (and much more) by using Ivanti Service Manager and Ivanti Voice.Reach out to
Dataseti today for more information.

-Krystina Hodge, Consultant | Project Manager

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