Incident and Knowledge are just two of a wide array of the modules offered by Ivanti Service Manager. The next 2 we’ll discuss will bring even more value to not only your customers, but your techs as well.

Change: Change Management is an easy to use module designed to help your IT department plan and execute changes to your infrastructure. Here we create change records that may include such things as: Who the change is affecting, what the back out plan is, who this change is sponsored by, risk mitigation and many other items. Once it’s created, the change is then pushed through a robust workflow. Part of that workflow includes getting that record voted on by a CAB group (Change Advisory Board). The voting can be manipulated in a few different ways. Approval or Denial could Require any percentage such as 100% or 51% vote, only one person has to vote or maybe this change is categorized as a minor change and it requires no vote. Once the change is approved it can get assigned to the appropriate engineer and is added to a Change Calendar.

Service Requests: Service Requests are considered the requests you get on a regular basis. Some examples include: New User Provisioning, New Hardware/Software Installation, Employee Name change and many others. Basically anything that requires an employee to fill out on paper can be added into the system so that it’s audited, tracked, and assigned to the right team. Not only that but you can add you own individual workflows to each request offering. An example of that would be if a user submitted a request for a new computer that request would then need to be approved by their manager. Well, once that request is submitted the workflow fires and sends a notification for approval to their manager. The manager can then either log into the Self Service Portal and approve it or simply reply to the email with “Approved”. The system then takes that approval and continues down the workflow’s path. Approvals are just one of MANY things Service Requests can do. They are easily customizable and can really help streamline all the requests your service desk gets asked on a daily basis.

So, here are two more ways you can really start the new year out on the right path. Ivanti Service Manager makes it simple to deliver services and support to your users or customers in an easy and effective way.

-Chris Revelia, Consultant

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