The new year brings a lot of things with it. New budget constraints, regulations, and red tape. One idea to start the new year off on the right foot is by getting Ivanti Service Manager in your company. ISM provides effective Incident tracking, Service Requests, Self Service Portal, Change Management and many other modules. Let’s go through 2 of them and see how they can help your employees get started off on the right foot!

Incidents: ISM has an incredible Incident tracking system that makes it quick and easy for your users to submit incidents so that your techs to track and resolve them. Users can enter the tickets through a customizable Self Service Portal or by using the built in email listeners. Each ticket is marked with its own ID and can be routed to the correct team on creation. Users can add screenshots of error messages they are receiving and leave comments to help the assigned tech fix their issue quickly. The system can also be setup so that your users receive emails any time the ticket is updated. Keeping your users informed is one of the biggest complaints most IT departments have. By using Dashboards your Service Desk can easy get visibility into what type of tickets are coming in, who’s working on them, and how quickly they are being a resolved. That’s a huge benefit for upper management!

Knowledge: ISM also comes with a well thought out Knowledge repository. When users are entering a ticket through the Self Service Portal they can see articles related to their issue. Say they were creating a ticket for a Printer. If they type Printer in the subject line and fly out can appear can show any prepared knowledge article the IT department has put out. If that article helps the user they can easily link it to their ticket and it gets closed without a tech ever having to look at it. You can also setup different categorizations for your articles so only certain teams can see them. Such as IT knowledge or HR knowledge.

These are just 2 modules to help your company ring in the new year. ISM is a platform that is built for your needs, not a one size fits all.

-Chris Revelia, Consultant

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