Do you assist your customers via email? Are customers frustrated when they are not responded to in a timely fashion? Do you have someone solely dedicated to watching an inbox?

With Ivanti Service Manager you can clear up the clutter! ISM offers a unique Email Listener that is built into the product. Your customers can send emails to any number of addresses and the system will pick it up, process the contents, and create a record that can be auto assigned to a team. What about approvals? Easy! Add keywords like Approved or Denied and the email listener will look to approve tickets such as Change Requests, Service Requests (such as a new computer) for example. ISM makes it easy to help limit the amount of email spam a typical office experiences, and by letting ISM handle these emails, nothing is missed! Instead, it’s tracked, and can add automation to make your Service Desk more efficient and accurate.

-Chris Revelia, Consultant

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