Charting a direction is a great place
to start when considering an ITAM solution.
A top down approach is recommended when initiating an engagement. Building a roadmap also helps identify next
steps to qualify scope and articulate the business case. And although agile and other methodologies can
be used, it’s recommended that a sequential step by step progression be followed
to ensure that all requirements are met. Staying flexible to your needs is
important, yet a disciplined progressive approach creates a common language and a guide to achieve business value.

Dataseti, in partnership with
Ivanti, can help create these roadmaps and provide the expertise to gain senior management buy-in. Based on
decades of experience within the ITIL implementation space, Dataseti can assist
asset managers in elevating and refining their asset management process. Please reach out today to schedule a demo
with one of our sales implementation consultants.

-Justin Webster, Sales Engineer | Consultant

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