Let’s face it. We’ve all replied to a customer survey at some point. Most are long and tedious, while others get strait to the point. Finally, there are some that are down right stupid like the one in the screenshot. Seriously, what kind of question is “Have you ever been involved in an 18-wheeler accident that resulted in your death“?

Know Your Audience

When building your customer survey, put yourself in the recipient’s shoes. Think about what kind of life they have inside and outside of the faculty of your survey. Sometimes you’ll surprise yourself and decide that what you intended to survey, completely changes. Ask yourself questions like this.

  • What is their makeup?
  • Who are they?
  • How busy are they?
  • Would the questions even apply to them?
  • Would they even have time to answer it?
  • Does it even matter?

Keep it Short

“Wait, what? I have a million questions to ask them!” From my experience, NO. No you don’t, and no you shouldn’t. In fact, keep it short and simple and don’t ask too many questions. Just because you have an extremely useful survey tool that allow dynamic or adaptive questioning, doesn’t mean you need to use it. On the contrary, you’re more likely to get a larger number of participation by doing these things:

  • Follow NPS (Net Promoter Score) guidelines.
  • Keep it under five questions. Personally, I like one question.
  • Tell the participant the number of questions and how long it will take to complete before they follow the link.

Review your Questions

Bottom line, only allow essential questions out there, unlike the one pictured above. Get feedback from your team and put as many eyes on it until you get positive feedback. This method of formative assessment will ensure your great success in your customer surveys.

Give Dataseti a call and we can help build a streamlined customer survey process like no other. We’re here for you!

-Randall Reed, President & CEO

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