Companies simply waste too much time when techs run around to get manual approvals. It’s frustrating! From the tech side, you’re forced to put everything on hold to find out if it’s okay to get an associate a new laptop, permission to a shared drive, a new mouse, etc. Forget about it if it’s Friday at 4:30pm and everyone is already on their way out the door. From the customer side, you’re sitting there waiting, hoping, that the Service Desk hears your calls for help! The best solution? Ivanti Service Manager.

Approvals can be automated for any number of the modules in the system. Including Incident, Problem, Change, Service Requests, Release Management and any others! One example is in the use of Service Requests. Say you have a request offering for a new computer. Once the customer fills in the correct information, the system will fire off a workflow that sends an email to that customer’s manager. The manager can either reply to that email with Approve or Deny, or follow the link to the award winning self service portal to Approve or Deny the request from there. Once all approvals (perhaps depending on cost, for example) are approved, it can be routed to the correct team, automagically! When the tech gets it, he or she fulfills it with full authority, and a full audit trail. Why wait 5 days for that request, when Ivanti Service Manager can cut it into 30 minutes or less? Customer satisfaction increased and tech efficiency is improved!

Gone are the days of techs saying “I never got approval for that”. If you’re interested in more ways Ivanti Service Manager can help you, click here to find out more!

-Chris Revelia, Consultant

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