Everyone always thinks of success as being measured by numbers, but does that give you the full picture? You may have an 100% resolve rate for your incidents, but does it really mean that your service desk was successful? Did the ticket get resolved in a timely manner? Was the customer in the loop throughout the process? Was it resolved correctly? These questions, along with many more, are all part of the equation when measuring your Service Desk’s success.

How do surveys help? They are easily distributed digitally, allowing complete invisibility, which maximizes comfort for those answering. You’re able to gather information from large audiences quickly, they’re practical, and most importantly – cost effective. Of course surveys will yield some negative responses and you may have a few dishonest answers but you now have a general consensus of your customers experience and one more variable to help measure your Service Desk’s success.

-Krystina Hodge, Consultant | Project Manager

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