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It’s becoming more and more common to see all the great apps out there move to the cloud and Ivanti Service Manager is no exception. Ivanti currently offers a cloud solution to it’s customers, but there are an increasing number of customers out there that want to take their existing On-Prem setup and push it to the cloud. While it’s something that doesn’t happen too often, because of the recent pandemic, companies are short staffed on keeping their employees in an office where they can monitor hardware and are instead taking anything and everything they can to the cloud. Here are some of the lessons learned you should keep in mind when making the decision to take you ISM instance and migrate it to the cloud. We at Dataseti are the experts you need when making the decisions to migrate to the cloud.

  1. You need to be on the same release version that is currently offered in the cloud. Meaning if you’re on 2020.1 you need to upgrade your On-Prem instance to 2020.2 first because that is the current live version (as off 9/15/20) in the Cloud. Ivanti does not offer an upgrade path if you are one or more versions behind. So, before you start the process of migrating to the cloud be sure you’re on the latest supported version in the cloud and on-prem.
  2. The latest SQL Server DB version Ivanti will support in the cloud is 2014. So, if you’re on 2016 you’re going to have a bad time and will need to do some DBA-Fu to get the DB downgraded for Ivanti. Dataseti has solutions to accomplish this quickly and effectively.
  3. You may need a VPN to connect to your still On-Prem solutions such as LDAP , Exchange, EPM, Extraction, etc. Ivanti currently offers a VPN solution to meets these needs, but that may be going away soon.
  4. You will need to backup all custom reports (RDL Files) and give those to Ivanti during the migration process as well.
  5. Keep an eye on the Ivanti Change Calendar as there are many blackouts dates and times where you would be unable to migrate your DB to the Cloud. The calendar can be found on the Ivanti Community Portal.

As always, if you have any questions or need any assistance with migrating your On-Prem Ivanti Service Manager Solution to the cloud Dataseti is here to help!

Chris Revelia – Consultant,