Well, we are almost to the end of this ‘unique’ year. I’m sure if you look back at your 2020 IT plan that you created in late 2019, you’ll find that you did almost nothing that was in that plan. We have spent the year reacting to the unique needs our organizations had due to the COVID crisis and never looked back at that 2020 IT plan.

This year also tested our IT service organizations, service desk, asset management systems and endpoint management/security systems as they have never been tested before. With the kind of elevated demand for IT service brought on by COVID, you probably found many areas where you wish you had better, more automated solutions in place in case we have another one of these years somewhere down the road.

So if you have plans to look at replacement technology solutions for some areas in 2021, Ivanti is one company you should have on your shortlist. Dataseti, a Premier Ivanti partner, can review your requirements and present the appropriate Ivanti product to address those requirements. We are experts with Ivanti products but more importantly, we have many years of experience helping customers implement and get the most out of Ivanti products.

Contact us to have a conversation about your 2021 plans and let us get prepared to present solutions to you when you start your evaluations. If we learned anything from this year, it is where we need to improve to better support the technology needs of our organizations.

Dan Davis

Manager Operations and Customer Care