Yep. If you clicked through and you’re reading on, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. The IT bandaid. Now I’m not pointing fingers as we all have systems and processes that need to go, but sometimes a bandaid is all we need, right? Let me ask, is a bandaid often considered an inexpensive fix, and also, what’s the ultimate cost of a perceived inexpensive fix? Ask Bob Jordan, CEO of Southwest.

The fact is, bandaids are meant to patch and promote healing, a temporary fix, and never long term. In IT, our systems are our livelihoods, and when they break or become problematic, it’s an opportunity to rip the bandaid. Ripping the bandaid will hurt and as cliché as it may sound, it must be done.

But not so fast! Buying a whole new system CAN BE A BANDAID! What if the system you’re buying doesn’t truly fix your problems? What steps did you take to understand those problems, and who helped you solve them first via sound practices?

When it comes to service management, Dataseti has seen it all and I’m not kidding about that. Our experts have consulted nearly every top platform out there from (in no order) Freshworks, to ServiceNow, Cherwell, Ivanti, BMC, Zendesk and a few others, and we know which ones work for the types of problems you have. Not bandaids, but real solutions.

So why get caught in between a bandaid or bearing the weight of a behemoth solution? Call Dataseti. Our Advisory Services can dig deep and provide amazing advice on what to do next. Maybe what you have works already, but needs a simple tune up, or maybe it’s time to consider a replacement service management or help desk product to fit your exact needs. Whatever it is, call us first or last, but just be sure to call. Our mission is to deliver excellence in IT Service Management, and we’re obsessed in your success!

Randall Reed, President & CEO – Dataseti