In IT service management (ITSM), having a clear understanding of the challenges, opportunities, and solutions is crucial. However, organizations often limit their vision with metaphorical blinders, hindering their ability to see the bigger picture. What if we removed these blinders and embraced a broader outlook? Join me on a series of these blogs over the next few weeks on why you should take the #blindersoff, and let us help you build a much cleaner, smarter and more desired IT Service organization with Freshservice.

Like the horse, wearing blinders narrows our focus, and it prevents us from comprehending the interconnected nature of ITSM, and it’s clear – Freshworks offers integrated solutions that address various aspects of service management. By utilizing these tools, we can break free from narrow-mindedness and gain a comprehensive understanding of ITSM processes.

Blinders often lead to resistance to change, hindering our ability to adapt to evolving IT landscapes. And you can mark my words, service will not be the same in 12 months from now. Are you ready? Freshworks recognizes the dynamic nature of ITSM and equips organizations with flexible solutions that can be tailored to their specific needs. With Freshservice, organizations can foster agility and responsiveness, ensuring they can evolve and scale their IT service delivery in line with changing requirements.

Blinders make us overlook the human element within ITSM. Freshworks emphasizes the importance of seamless collaboration and effective communication between IT teams, stakeholders, and end-users. By removing blinders, we can recognize the significance of building relationships, fostering user satisfaction, and improving employee experience. Freshworks’ suite of tools facilitates streamlined communication, ticket management, and customer support, empowering organizations to prioritize human interactions alongside efficient service delivery.

Wearing blinders often restricts our vision of leveraging automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline ITSM processes. Freshworks leverages the power of automation and AI technologies to enhance efficiency and productivity, and has already been doing this for years.

Blinders prevent us from harnessing the full potential of data and analytics in driving continuous improvement. Freshworks provides robust reporting and analytics capabilities across its ITSM suite. By analyzing data from various ITSM processes, organizations can identify bottlenecks, measure performance metrics, and make informed decisions to enhance service quality. Imagine having a tool that notices trends before you do, notifies you and then offers to build a workflow to help you mitigate. Yes, this is coming.

Are you using an ITSM tool that reeks of age in which you pour your time and money, resulting in just a benign platform? Wouldn’t an ITSM platform that does the work for you be more fitting? Go #blindersoff and step into not just a better ITSM platform, but the best. I don’t know why it took Dataseti so long to take the #blindersoff – perhaps the next blog?